Welcome to the Website of AWEX India!

AWEX is the economic development agency in-charge of promoting foreign trade and attracting foreign investment in Wallonia. The agency has a worldwide network of 105 Trade and Investment counsellors, including 2 in India.







With a population of about 3.5 million inhabitants, Wallonia, the Southern, French-speaking half of Belgium, truly is the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of the most advanced region of Western Europe. Wallonia built up its wealth around once thriving coal mining, steel, glass and textile production industries. But the Region’s industrial base was beaten down hard by forces of globalisation and the Region has had to re-invent its future. The response lied in a handful of very powerful words: innovation, creativity, hard work, confidence, optimism, dynamism, openness...

Modern Wallonia has turned into a land of innovation and competitiveness where men and women can develop their abilities, deploy their skills and flourish professionally, without departing itself from its tradition of a land of warmth, friendliness, culture and traditions, a land which welcomes you with open arms.