Our Services


Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX) is the economic development agency responsible for promoting foreign trade and attracting foreign investment in Wal­lonia. The agency has a worldwide network of 105 Trade and Investment counsellors, in­cluding 2 in India.

Our mission is simple: “To primarily help businesses from Belgium, particularly Wallonia, to export more efficiently to India and, secondly, attract Indian investors to the Wallonia region.”


As far as Indian buyers, decision-makers, importers and potential partners are concerned, we can assist them by:

  • providing economic data on Wallonia and its export potential,
  • disseminating information on products and services of companies located in Wallonia,
  • identifying companies in Wallonia for international partnerships,
  • distributing lists of exporters from Wallonia.


With regard to foreign investment attraction, our objective is to provide information and ad­vice to Indian companies looking to establish, expand, or reorganise their European opera­tions, and consider Wallonia as a potential location. As a government agency, we provide the following services free of charge and assure confidentiality:

  • preliminary discussion to assess your business needs
  • comprehensive business information,
  • far reaching access to local networks and connections: federal and regional authorities, local experts, service providers, customised fact-finding trips,
  • guidance throughout the various stages of the investment process.