Work permits / Professional cards

We do not process visa applications. However, we are glad to provide you here with the basic information on how to apply for professional cards or work permits in Belgium.

There are basically two possibilities to go to work in Belgium:

As an employee (or researcher or trainee) taking up employment, with a Work Permit.  In that case, the company already exists in Belgium and the employer will file the application for you. Please follow this link for details on the procedure to obtain a work permit

As an Independent professional / self employer (for instance a person who is going to setup a company in Belgium). The person must apply for a professional card and for a special visa called ASP («autorisation de séjour provisoire» i.e. temporary resident permit). It is It is advisable to apply for the Professional Card first. Once you have confirmation that your card can be issued, you can proceed with your visa application. For all details about the procedure, please follow either of the two links :